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Two Emacs extensions I cannot live without


Recently Hacker News was full of surprises to me. In a single day I’ve discovered, thanks to it, two very good plugins for Emacs I started using and improving my way of working.

These two extensions are for python and web developers.

First one is web-mode that is defined as an emacs major mode for editing web templates aka HTML files embedding client parts (CSS/JavaScript) and server blocks. The cool thing about this mode is that in a single mode it recognize different languages and gives you a comprehensive support, in term of shortcuts to edit those source codes. I think the auto closing of the tags is the killing feature of this plugin, at least for me.

The second one is a tool for code autocompletion in python. It is well known that analysis of dynamic languages is a big problem: It’s hard to determine what instance a variable is if not at runtime. Jedi tries to solve this problem. So far it was the beste autocompletion for python on Emacs with the ability to go to definition of functions even in the standar library and to easily look for documentation.

I highly suggest using these two extensions, if you have better/complementary ones, please speak up! I would love to give them a try.

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