This ban is going to hurt you so badly Apple

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Good artists copy; great artists steal. (cit. Steve Jobs, Apple founder)

Back in the 70′ through the 00′ Apple was a very good company. It was surely one of the best technology innovator in the world. Remember the Apple I, the all-wood computer that made the personal computer being real? It was amazing. I never saw one for real but It’s in the hall of fame of the computer history.

Do you remember the Apple II, one of the best Apple products, the one that was able to sell $79m in the old 1979? That was innovation. In a world dominated by large scale computer they found a new market: personal computer. Do you remember 1984? There was this commercial:


I just saw that and I see a company that would like to make genuine innovation, compete with products not with lawyers. Another company was very good at it, and it’s called Microsoft.

Yesterday I read that Apple wins sales ban on Google galaxy nexsus. It seems that after Steve’s administration Apple turned to be much more like Microsoft. They stopped competing with products and they choose to compete with lawyers. It seems that the fuel that made Apple be one of the best tech companies of the world is gone with its beloved founder Steve.

I think that was a very bad move. It seems like Apple is maybe going to be an empty box without any sort of innovation trying to make money out of awful patents acquired during time. I’m so sorry for all the Apple fanboys, these moves are hard to be defended in terms of technology innovation.

I’m just curious, was Apple really thinking that it could defeat android with this move?

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