How to set black background on geany and remove the green / white line


Geany is a very good editor to edit a big variety of source codes. Unfortunately it has a white background by default. I dunno if you have ever used a black background based editor such as vim but it makes your eyes less stressed when u are coding, and this thing is something that will increase your productivity I tried to switch geany to use a black brackground and i found many extensions to do that… but i always have thought that it was impossible that geany codes didn’t think about this. After playing a bit with the settings i found a way.

Just go to Edit->Prerefencies then go to Editor and select the Display tab. U will see something like this:


Just select invert syntax highlight colors and you did it. If you want also to remove the odd green or white lines that appears after 72 characters you can just disable the long line marker and it will go 😉

Hope this helps

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