Kubuntu: knetworkmanager and kdebluetooth sucks! let’s use better tools


It’s a while i switched to kde 4 and one of the most annonying things there is the network manager and bluetooth support. Even if the system supports them very good, the gui is not at the same level. In this small article i’ll explain how to change kdebluetooth with blueman and knetworkmanager with the gnome version (which is much more complete and reliable).

First of all let’s remove all the k-crap:

sudo apt-get remove kdebluetooth]

sudo apt-get remove plasma-widget-networkmanagement

Then it’s time to install blueman and the gnome network applet

sudo apt-get install blueman network-manager-gnome

To autoload blueman at login, just open a terminal and type:

blueman &

To automatically load the gnome network applet just change the content of /etc/xdg/autostart/nm-applet.desktop like the following:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Network Manager
Comment=Control your network connections
Exec=nm-applet --sm-disable
And then reboot! it should work 😉
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  • I literally just stumbled across this while searching for kde bluetooth fixes. I have used KDE for several years, and just thought my bluetooth devices just didn’t work with Linux. I accidentally connected to my phone while playing with a Ubuntu live CD. Then out of curiosity, I booted an Opensuse Gnome CD, and it also connected without problems. This sucks. I installed blueman, set up my phone, uninstalled blueman, and went back to using kde bluetooth which then worked. Is this just the inability of KDE to set up the config files? I use wicd for network management.

  • Yes. it’s those two tools, kdenetworkmanager and kbluetooth which are full of bugs and incompleted. It’s better to use gnome ones then.

  • Your line to remove kdebluetooth has a “]” behind it.

    I do agree that knetworkmanager leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t use bluetooth enough to really judge if kdebluetooth is up to par. The few times I did use it, it worked ad advertised.

    Berry van der Linden

  • I found I needed one more thing, KDE’s default icon set didn’t have a necessary icon causing an error like this:

    ** (nm-applet:2336): WARNING **: Fallback icon ‘gtk-dialog-error’ missing: (0) Icon ‘gtk-dialog-error’ not present in theme
    ERROR:applet.c:2932:nma_icons_reload: assertion failed: (applet->fallback_icon)

    I fixed that by going to the tango icon set, though I expect Gnome or others would work too.

    Thanks for the tip, the bluetooth and network tools have been the only thing I really felt shorted on in KDE and the KDE Netbook interface is especially suited to my touch screen laptop.

  • thanks for your tut dude , but i prefer to install wicd network manager instead of blueman nm, besides , i got problem with kde network manager it does not detect wifi networks , i’ve tried several ways but no luck at all ,so i’ve decided to remove it and install wicd ( wich is a gnome nm ) in substitution of it , i hope that the developers take this bug in mind in the next realese , however i like kubuntu that’s a good distro , and i like mandirva and fedora , ………………….;CHEERS TO THE FREE SOFTWARE MOVMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OMG thank you thank you thank you. I’m stuck in a cheap hotel room these days, coding my balls off for The Man, and each time the WiFi has a brownout, KNetworkManager shits in its pants, fails to restore the link, puts up its Secrets dialog, and times-out all my connections. You have allowed me to get rid of this crap, without switch to Gnome…

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