Gdc with dmd 2.015 frontend dstress results


It’s a while that this article have been a draft. Now i just have time to finish it. So here it’s!

Last week gdc was been ported to match the dmd frontend version 2.015. I’ve wrote in the newsgroup [] about a way to test the gdc compiler. I didn’t obtain an answer by Walter Bright yet, maybe he didn’t look at it yet cuz he was busy releasing the new dmd version 2.033 and 2.034. It seems that for now the best way to test a d compiler is using dstress, a test suite of d programs. So i got tried to run dstress on my laptop, it was running from 10 hours when i decided to stop and make it run in a remote pentium dual core 64bit server. I’ve then contacted ChristianK, who work at the ldc compiler, and i asked him the script he used in formatting in html way the dstress output, like the dstress output for ldc. He gave me the script 🙂 So here is the dstress output of gdc 2.015. hope you will find it useful:

As you can see, gdc is still far away to be a stable compiler but it’s moving, after its reborn, to be a good compiler.

There have been some hints on the digitalmars newsgroup about the integration of the compiler on the main gcc tree since a developer of gcc with committing rights. I’m working to make it possible. Unfortunately it’s not a good time for me due to my university exams.

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  • Do you plan to make at least a single standalone release of GDC? I think it would really help the popularity of this frontend, because such releases show the people that the project maintainers take their job more seriously. D very lacks well-maintained projects with clear goals, development rules and a roadmap.

    • I’m not following that project anymore. I’m coding only in python now. If you want to see a release just ask to the bitbucket page/tracker.

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