New ldc d compiler + tango packages for Ubuntu Karmic!


Yesterday Arthur Loiret announced on the #d.tango channel on that he did some work in packaging ldc and tango. I’ve been working on it for a while, but when i started developing gdc i didn’t maintain that work anymore.

Since Arthur gave me all the needed files to reproduce the packages, i’ve updated the PPA for ldc + tango set. New packages are of revision 1586 of ldc and 5027 of tango.

Detailed instructions in how to install those packages can be found at the Ldc Ubuntu packages page. Let me know if you have troubles with those packages!

Funds for gdc ;)
Gdc with dmd 2.015 frontend dstress results
  • Dude,

    Thanks a lot. I want to start playing with D and your packaging are great, no need to mess with configuration stuff.

    One question, though, do you know what’s the best way to install dsss? Is there a ppa repositoy available for it?

    If I install it manually (untar it to my home folder) is it easier to configure it to work with ldc?

    Thanks so much for this great effort

  • Well, dsss seems no longer under development. use xfbuild. it compiles with ldc. xbuild just produces an executable whcih you can move to /usr/bin to have in your path.

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