Funds for gdc ;)


Today i received a very good mail which stated that what we are doing in developing gdc is appreciated.

The mail is from Tomasz Stachewicz, the developer of RuDy project to enable and ease writing Ruby native extensions in D programming language.

After congratulating for the work we are doing, he stated something new: “Is there a book wishlist or donation account I could use to word my appreciation in a more material way?

If i’m not wrong (sorry i’m not a native English speaker), he is asking for an account for a donation. I think that maybe he is not the only one which wants to give some founds to the gdc project…

Well… If everybody agrees (well for now me, Michael and David Friedman, the ones which did work for gdc) i can get this moneys with paypal (or with one of the pay-for-feature websites). Moneys will be reserved to develop gdc in a issue/task basis (for porting gdc to lastest gcc you take X, for updating to dmd version Y you take Z and so on)

Of course i don’t think that gdc is so famous to make a lot of people contribute to it, but i think that we should decide about this issue to allow

people to support the gdc project.

This message is on the NG too.

Gdc D2 with GCC 4.3.4 sees light
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  • I’d like to help too.

    Currently official DMD lacks support for OS X 10.6, LLVM doesn’t work either. GDC didn’t have problems with it (I think it’s just a matter of getting it to use proper paths).

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