How to set up grid on your pc

goshawk@jupiter:/$ boinccmd –project_attach 110e33afe8e70a3da508640ff84f5ab2
World Community Grid logo
World Community Grid logo

If you have never heard about worldcommunity project it’s a good time to learn about it. it’s a project to create the largest public computing grid in the globe. With his client based on the boinc project, you can share your unused cpu cicles to compute data for this project. The data your computer will compute is for the growing of the culture, medicine and science.

If you have an Ubuntu server somewhere it’s very easy to set up the worldcommunity client there. Just open a terminal and write:

sudo aptitude install boinc-client

After you have installed the client, you can create an account in the website. When you set it up you can do login and go to the  My profile page. In that page you will read the BOINC Account Key. Take note of it. Now open a terminal and type

boinccmd –project_attach [BOINC Account Key]

And that’s all, boinc will connect to worldcommunity and download data to compute. When you don’t use your cp, it will start computing for the grid and when you need your cpu cicles, it will stop computing. 😀

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