Experimental rootfs and kernel of Maemo/Mer for freerunner


I’ve published a rootfs of the Maemo/Mer operating system for the freerunner. This is a very experimental version, with NO GUI and with a lot of bug still opened. Ssh access is available, so it’s easy to login and do changes to the system. If you work on this image and you make some changes that you want to share, please consider to mail me with the changes you do. It runs with the qi bootloader and a sd card. To install just do:

cd /tmp

wget http://data.vincenzo-ampolo.net/Projects/Mer/mer-freerunner-09-04-26.tar.gz

sudo tar-xzf mer-freerunner-09-04-26.tar.gz

Mount your sd card on your pc

sudo rsync -aHx freerunner * /mountpoint

Where mountpoint is the mountpoint of your sd card.

Just plug your microsd card into the freerunner and load it. Your freerunner has a default address of and a gateway of So you need to setup your usb0 device in your pc which is connected to the freerunner as like this:

sudo ifconfig usb0

If you do:


You will be able to ping the frerunner. to login via ssh do:

ssh root@

Password is rootme.

Please feel free to mail me or comment this post for any suggestion.

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