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These informations are not updated, please see Mer/Maemo on Freerunner half ported.

Hi all,

One month ago i spoke about the ability to put and Ubuntu into the Freerunner mobile phone. Well after a little bit of research, it pointed out that Ubuntu is compiled for armv5 while Freerunner is armv4, so Ubuntu is not compatible with the Freerunner.

Debian instead, the rock in which ubuntu is built in, is compiled for armv4 in the armel version. So a full debian operating system in the Freerunner is possible as the debian Freerunner port demostrates. But debian Freerunner port is not famous for his UI, which is ugly and unusable.

After a deep research i came into the Maemo project and expecially in it’s 100% Free implementation called Mer. I started contacting the developers and i found a very active team. I’m now working with them to provide a Freerunner that runs Mer to sell at eshopen. In the last days we (well, primary
Carsten Munk) reached in building all the gtk and hildon framework for debian armel. So we should be albe to have Mer into a Freerunner in one month more.

Let’s see what will happen. 🙂

Ubuntu on Freerunner a new era
Ldc D compiler debian/ubuntu package
  • Sounds good, let me advise you to use OpenEmbedded though, so that your work is reproudcable and can be used by all kinds of mobile devices.

  • I moved from OpenEmbedded to ubuntu/debian cuz i didn’t like the OpenEmbedded package management.
    I’m also involved in ubuntu with desktop-oriented activities and i felt confortable working with it.
    Of course all the work i’m doing can be used in future devices cuz it’s based on debian which actually supports more that 11 different archs.

    This is a key point for me: i can do my application and package it as a deb, making it compile by OBS or any virtual environment and then installing it directly in *ANY* device which uses Mer just adding the package to the repo.

    BTW Three days ago we solved the final problems in making touchscreen working. Now Mer runs on Freerunner. There are still some little issue related to the virtual keyboard which is not shown correctly. Il will be solved soon.

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